Thanksgiving Dog Dilemma


I’m a first time dog mom (so proud) and it will be my first thanksgiving with my pup.

However, every year, we host thanksgiving dinner with our family. My little cousin is allergic to dog saliva. This was never a problem before, as we had no family pets.

Now, the thought of crating her for a couple hours is doable, however, they tend to stay at our house from early afternoon until almost midnight. This, I CANNOT do. I refuse to crate her for up to 11 hours.

Keeping her in the adjacent room with a gate is a no-no. She’ll whine and bark until someone takes her out.

She normally sleeps in my room, which is upstairs. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions to make this as comfortable for my puppy, my cousin, and me?

Pics for added cuteness 🥰