My best friend made me feel self conscious.. we were talking about porn and what we are into. She’s BI. So she’s into both straight and lesbian porn. I am straight. I find vaginas scary 😂 and I have never wanted to do ANYTHING with a woman... BUT... I’m into lesbian porn. And my friend says that, that makes me bi. But I do light straight porn, IF the woman is getting taken care of. I’m not into seeing a girl suck some dudes dick or a girl getting fucked in the ass... because for me sucking a dick doesn’t do anything for me and I won’t do any butt stuff.. the lesbian porn is obviously focused on a woman getting pleased, and feeling good. And I can imagine feeling like that.... but I don’t think that makes me bi?! I’m not sexually attracted to women at all... what do y’all think??? I feel so self conscious now.