Husband googling escorts near our 🏡

Let me just say, he has been treating me very poorly, extremely verbally abusive, and mean to our children, I found porn on his phone last month, and at that time “he apologized and said he’d never do that again because it hurt me and made me feel like I wasn’t attractive to him any more. “I am pregnant with Twins and extremely high risk” and I sure don’t Have the body I once did. He has been yelling at me and is extremely hateful, just over the weekend he stayed gone ALL NIGHT and DIDNOT come home until 9 a.m the next day.

Well I looked at his google history and he had been looking for escorts in the area.

It’s Thanksgiving Day and we are supposed to do a gender reveal today for the family and to post on YouTube. But I don’t see myself even faking being happy at all whatsoever in order to even go anywhere with him or bring my children around any of his family.

I feel bad because people came in from out of state for Thanksgiving and we were going to reveal our twins gender today.


What should I do?


Side note, I fell and my tail bone all the way around to my hip is in a lot of pain, I called my doctor and she said stay in bed and if the pain doesn’t ease up, go to the emergency room. I may just end up going to the emergency room because now that I’m crying and can’t breath, it feels like it’s hurting worse.

I also have NO Family here. I am isolated and it’s just him and his family around me. I don’t live anywhere close to any of my friends. I’m in another county. Way away from any type of support system.

In his family’s eyes, he can do no wrong. He’s a spoiled asshole