Cycle Buddy: on cycle 2.


Hi, I’m Anne-Marie, a writer form NYC. I’m TTC #1, officially on cycle 2, using only charts from 3 apps for now. Depending on the chart I’m AF between nov. 29- Dec. 1st. (How are you ladies getting an exact date? Mine has never been spot on). Endo warrior, had my 2nd surgery late July 2019 to remove ovarian cysts, which went well and doc says I shouldn’t have issues conceiving. Looking for encouragement and support. Feeling symptoms of a cycle right now (back pain, cramps) but I know pregnancy signs can be similar, plus with Endo, I feel this way 75% of the time if not more. Praying for the best Christmas gift 🤰🏿🙏🏿😊

UPDATE: AF NOW! Literally posted this and saw blood. 😂😂😂

Next month it is.