Am I in the wrong??

Hey ladies. Feeling very upset because of my parents the last few days. We told them we are expecting our first baby at 4w4d (I know, super early.)

Ever since we told them, they all have been hounding FH and I to tell other people. My in laws want their siblings to know (FH’s aunts and uncles), my mom wants my brothers to know, etc.

I was planning on telling my siblings in about 2 weeks (after first ultrasound) and my grandparents on Christmas (at 8 1/2 weeks.)

My mom has been pushing me to tell my brother, which is understandable to an extent because she lives with him and has trouble keeping her mouth zipped haha. I finally gave in and we are telling my brother tonight.

The issue at hand now is my dad. I was planning on telling my grandparents when we all get together for Christmas <a href="">Eve</a>. That plan seems like it isn’t going to happen now though.

Am I wrong to be upset about this?? I know I kind of blew up at him but this is after being harassed all week by 6 parents (FH’s parents and mine - I have step parents).

I’m very upset that I won’t be able to tell my grandparents when I planned but I’ve been having pregnancy brain lately and overreacting to a lot of things. Help me out?

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