Herniated lumbar disc 16w6d

Kayla • 💍Engaged to the love of my life | 🌈🤰Ronald Allin Shelton III 5/8/2020

About a month and a half ago, i hurt my back at work turning a patient. They said it was just a strain (no testing was done-just verbally evaluated). I personally assumed it was sciatica bc the pain shot down my left leg. However, after finally getting yo go back to work, i hurt my back vacuuming the living room. VACUUMING. I talked to a dr again and now they think i have a herniated lumbar disc. It hurts alot to sit down and even more to go from standing to sitting. I can barely put pressure on my left leg. And to make matters worse, they said I likely wouldn't be able to work as a cna without doing it again. Anyone have any experience with slipped discs? Did they put you on bed rest in the 3rd trimester?