Any teachers here that went back to work part time after having a baby?

I’m going into work tomorrow to talk to my boss about me possibly going back part time. As a teacher the workload was just so much before I had a baby and I can’t see how I’ll possibly manage working full time and actively raising my son. Part time seems like the best solution.

The thing holding me back is the financial loss. Obviously part time will mean a reduction in wage (I’m not sure how much exactly, so if anyone could give me some figures (or where to find them if you’re not happy sharing) that’ll be helpful). How do you manage to pay the ridiculous child care costs on a part time wage? Urgh. There’s so much to consider! 🤯


I just wanted to update this for anyone wondering. I had the meeting with my boss this am. He wasn’t as opposed to the idea as I initially anticipated. Although, he wasn’t sure it’d work out either. There are currently 2 job shares and one is leaving at Christmas. This would have worked out for me but the other is starting maternity leave at Christmas. He suggested that I could work full time until the following Christmas and go part time after that when the other job share returns from mat leave. This isn’t ideal as it would mean working from the end of June 2020 until January 2021 as full time but it also wouldn’t be forever either.