I am so freaked out about spotting


I just used the restroom and I had some spotting again. This time it was on my liner and when I wiped. It was mostly brown but there was definitely some red too. I’ve been having some cramping today but certainly less severe than I had on Tuesday when the first bit of spotting happened. What has been consistent is lower back pain.

I saw my doctor yesterday for an early scan (at 5 weeks exact) and I everything looked as it should and he didn’t express any concerns or anything. This is my first pregnancy after many years of trying so I am scared of everything. I was put on bed rest on Tuesday after the initial spotting and stayed home yesterday to continue resting so I saw no spotting at all yesterday (my guess is because I was laying down most of the day). I am back to work and have done a fair share of walking and stuff so I don’t know if maybe that made it worse?

I know it’s fairly normal to bleed in pregnancy and everything could be completely fine but when you come from the infertility world, it makes you hyper aware and concerned of every issue that pops up.