(Posting again better photo) could I still be pregnant?

I thought I had a chemical last cycle faint line then ‘period’ but it wasn’t like a normal period so doctor told me to test so a day after the bleeding stop BFN can get on with my life now but something didn’t feel right did a test yesterday afternoon VL 🤯 test again this morning VL😱 so did a digi BFN🥺 then I did another test VL🥶 then I did another fer before I got in the bath BFN 😠I’m planing on testing again in the morning but my doctor said my HCG level might of not been high enough so I had a ‘period’ and I might miss this month period! That’s so long to wait and he won’t do bloods!!!😳😳😳😳😞😞😞 they are pinkkkkk in person!