Signs of labour approaching

What were some signs for you leading up to labour?

Like throwing up? Diarrhea ? Sleepiness?

Things like that

**im only asking because with my first being born at 26 weeks and my second at 27 weeks, it’s all new to me. I didn’t lose the plug, no waters broke, no upset stomach that people seem to tell me, no nothing. I didn’t even know I was having a contraction when I had one because I literally only had ONE of them (what I thought was his head moving down or something) and boom, within 10 mins I pushed them out. It was quite scary for me to have such a horrible experience and so fast!!! So I don’t know what to expect to be honest. Being 36 weeks, I have had an upset stomach all day, not extremely painful, but a tiny bit. Last night I had the feeling as if I had diarrhea but had none at all-the pain associated with it, and vomiting out of nowhere. I just don’t know what to expect. I’ve been losing the mucous for the past couple weeks, not coloured-just clear.