Smear test


Hello beautiful people! I went to the gp today to pick my contraction pill and have a check up; the doctor told me that I should get a smear test as I am sexually active... I am only 21 and I know that usually you should start getting smear tests from 25πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I will attached something that I read online on the gp site. I am very confused at the moment. Please share any advice and if you started getting smear tests earlier then 25 😘

Thank you for your replies! In Italy were I was raised and in UK were I live now they start at 25. Crazy to see in how many countries they start earlier. I am less worried now, I already booked my appointment in a couple of weeks. 😘

UPDATE: Just went to the gp after waking up super early for my appointment for them to tell me that even tho I have a flipping appointment they can’t do a smear test because I am under 25🀬 I told them that I am sexually active for a few years and they still said to wait for a letter in the post when I am 24/25πŸ™„ I am so pissed and don’t understand why the UK is one of the few countries that wait till 25 to do a smear test