You ask for too much

I asked my sons father to pick up formula on his way to come visit him.

He is 4 months old. It's -15°C out where we are. I don't want to bundle him up and take him out (especially since I know his dad is coming to see him...if he wasn't then yes I know I would do what I have to do to get him food!)

I'm raising our boy on our own. His dad has seen him 5 times. EVER. And he lives 10 minutes away.

I pay for diapers. Clothes. Formula. Bottles. Daycare (I had to go back to work because I need to make money to support us!)

But when I texted and said hey can I ask a favour? Can you grab Emerson some formula on your way down here?

He told me I'm ridiculous for asking and that I'm asking for a lot and that I should be on top of that crap. I was like I'll give you cash when you get here. He was like yeah you better be.