Postpartum anxiety?

Korey • First time 🤰🏼baby girl 🎀 Hanna 11/10/19 💍 5/11/18

Has anyone developed anxiety after giving birth? I’m extremely exhausted. 18 day old baby with colic on my hands. My hubby is back to work so I’m up ALL night with her. I’m on very little sleep. I’ve never had issues with anxiety. However, today at thanksgiving it was the first time I’ve been out of the house except for a pediatrician appointment. It was at my husbands family’s. Probably 10-15 people. I ended up in the bathroom crying for no reason. I just felt like I had anxiety or an anxiety attack. I also got nauseous feeling, but that went away once we left and I was away from everyone. I’m wondering if it’s just due to me not being around anyone for so long? Or if it’s actual anxiety that I’m somehow developing out of nowhere? Anyone else have this happen?

Happy thanksgiving mommas! I’m thankful for you all and the support xoxo