Our daughters name.


We named our daughter Ezra! I fell in love with the show pretty little liars and I loved the name Ezra, me and my husband watched the show together and agreed on the name of it was a boy or girl. We have so many people who love it, I do get a few people call her a boy without checking her chart at like the Dr and stuff, I found it seemed a lot more fitting once she was here and it just felt like it was meant to be a girl name. I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with a name or if you’d ever heard of Ezra as.a girl name? I honestly did not know it was biblical either, we aren’t really religious like that and We had never heard of the name before the show. Once we made the baby’s name public everyone came flooding with omg you picked that from the Bible etc, and we were like huh? Lol and then my daughter started 3 rd grade with a boy named Ezra in her class so she was like we can’t name a girl that. Now I’m seeing it everywhere as that usually happens with everything. Ezra Jade Dailey