Mainly just me venting so ignore me, but my husband and I are just the type that don’t like to announce pregnancies. We don’t want to tell our families until March give or take. I live half way across the country from where I grew up. My grandma is so upset with me that we’re not flying home this Christmas and I’m so close to just breaking down and saying we’re pregnant. I honestly just don’t feel good enough to spend 9 hours traveling both there and back. AND I plan on stopping work in April or May because I work Too physical of a job with no way to accommodate me so I was gonna fly home for 2ish weeks then to spend time with everyone. Plus I know they’ll fly out in August to visit the babe. So in my mind I have all these visits in my head making not going home for Christmas no big deal. She however obviously doesn’t know so to her it’s life ending and I’m just 🙄😫🙃 too hormonal for this