How long are the first contractions apart from another ?

Silly question, this will be my third pregnancy, however first time experiencing an actual labour, as my last two kids cam at 26&27 weeks and I had literally ONE contraction and I was pushing them out within 10-15 mins. It was very traumatic. So this is the first time I’ve made it this far at 36 weeks (measuring one weeks ahead at 37-not that this makes a difference) but I am experiencing pains in my pelvic area/vaginal area and tummy pain as if it’s like having diarrhea like pains just without the diarrhea lol, every half hour that lasts 30-60 secs. I’d like to ask the community first before considering making the call since it could be nothing.. and no there’s no bloody or tinged mucous, there’s been white mucous over the past week or two that’s about it