He called me fat

Last month my husband and I got into a huge fight because he refused to get a job (thank god hes found one now, after a year). During it he blew up at me, said I was fat, disgusting, stank, had a gross body, saggy and gross boobs, on and on. Since then I physically cannot have sex. Hes apologized and whatever but I can't get the words out of my head. He always told me I was beautiful but now I feel like he was lying the whole time and then let loose about how he really felt. I actually cannot get wet in his presence. It's like the desert, no lie. I also am finding that I think he is SO unattractive to me now. Everything he does grosses me right out, him touching me makes me shiver and not in a good way.

Had this happened to anyone else? Is the relationship salvageable? We used to love each other but lately I find myself hating him.