Please help, getting desperate

Sorry if this is long and thank you so much for taking the time to read. I really need some help,advice, imput on whats going on.

So about two weeks ago my SO thought he got into chiggers. But for the past week, especially the last 3 days he has been excessively scratching, digging and now picking/plucking his skin. Literally digging into it where it has caused scabs and sores all over his body. He is also on ADHD medication that sometimes causes him to hyper-focus on one thing for an extreme amount of time and I'm worried it could be a playing factor in this situation and causing more harm.

At first he was convinced that he still had the chiggers on him and that they were burrowed down into his skin and he could see them. He was literally trying to dig and pick them out with his nails. I never heard of chiggers staying on your skin for weeks like other body mites/lice.

After some research we found that chiggers usually fall off after 4 days, but the bite can cause extreme itching for a few weeks and the bites can have a reddish dot in the middle, a "tube" left over, which is what he thought was the bug at first. So now he has been using tweezers to remove these red "tubes". He says it itches uncontrollably until he removes it. He has been at his chest, arms, legs plucking away and causing sores all over his body to where I can't believe what I'm looking at. And he has become obsessed with it. Constantly tweezing his skin. He shows me the red specs he is removing and I dont know what they are, but I'm starting to think it may not be chiggers or any bites at all, but dried blood from where he scratched so much. And I'm worried that he has developed some type of obsessive behavior trying to remove these "tubes".

Its never ending. He never gets to the last one and its done. And as soon as he is done with one spot another spot/area mysteriously pops up that wasnt bothering him at first. And its just continuous with no end in sight. I'm starting to get very worried. Im thinking what if its his ADHD medication causing the hyper-focus and exaggerating this some?

I hate thinking that he is just imagining this, especially when he appears to be in real severe discomfort. And I feel like an ass for assuming it could mostly be in his head, but that does scare me. I believe at first he most likely did get into something that irritated his skin but now its become a compulsive thing. Its just hard to see him 24/7 obsessively trying to remove something inside his skin. And the wounds he is leaving behind.

Is this in fact chiggers or whatever it is they leave behind? If not what could the little red specs he is pulling out of his skin be? Please help if you have any idea. Below is some pictures.

All from scratching and plucking where it itches

^ Where he says it itches like something is biting him and he sees the red/black dot before he starts to tweeze it out

^ the red specs he removes tweezing

Any help please!