Ladies, I need you

Ladies, I'm going through it. Im straight up depressed. Ive struggled with it for years, I am medicated, ive been through multiple therapists but im a pretty private person and no I'm not feeling suicidal, I know the hotline.

My man and I have been trying for the last few months to get pregnant. No success so far. Im 25 and my past gynos have turned me down for a fertility test because ive been "too young". I have this nagging feeling that something is wrong with me. My heart aches. I have goals set for myself in life but my ultimate dream is to be a mom.

Not only to be a mom but to make a legacy. To parent my children how my father did. I lost him 8 years ago today. It hasnt gotten any easier. So not only am i feeling like a failure as a woman (a body designed to bare children) but I am grieving too. I am 3 days late on my period (typical).

If you are religious, please pray for us to get through this and for success. If you are spiritual or any kind please send good juju because ya girl could use it. πŸ’•πŸ’•