Annoyed , why can't mothers be understanding!

Why do mom's feel intitled to be their for the birth and get mad if u say u don't want them their , I only want me and my bf to experience it , that's why I never cared to get a C-section bc it'll just be us two the way I always wanted it to be , but now that I'm moving out where both 18 and some can't say that I'm blessed that my bf is the best!🤩 I don't care about her being mad , she already had 4 kids she already experienced birth the only thing different is just that she's going to see my baby come out of me which isn't something she didn't experience on her own , also I don't find it fair that when we asked how many people can be in the room she just automatically put her self in and not once think of his mom , it's not fair how she thinks it's ok for her to be their and not his mom and that's why I just want it to be me and him for it to be fair , they can wait outside as it literally the SAME thing my baby still going to be a newborn u just didn't see her come out , and my sister thinks I'm doing to much in telling me " don't do that to mom u know it'll hurt her " I don't care why is no one thinking about my feelings ! I never wanted her their she just put her self in their I'm going to stick to it and not text anyone in at the hospital until I'm almost close to giving birth so that I can atleast lie and say " it was a fast birth she just came 💀"