When will the sleep regression end??


Few days ago, little man slept from 8pm-5am. Amazing. Loved it. Every night since then, he has been restless and fussy. He has been sleeping in his play pen pretty good for a bit now but when he started fussing I thought maybe he wanted to sleep with me, didn't help. Last night, he slept in his play pen for like an hour or so, woke up screaming. Took me forever to get him calmed down. That was probably a bad dream or something. But he has been waking up so often and its driving me insane. I barely get any sleep. He is formula fed and almost 5 months. I lost count of weeks lol. Any ideas on how I can help him? He is also teething bad and getting over a cold and ear infection so that could be part of it too. But this momma needs help.