Paranoid or what?


37 weeks & So about 45 minutes ago I was laying dwn and my little girl had the hiccups for about 15 mins and they stopped

Usually wen she has the hiccups she moves around with them this time was just straight hiccups for 15 minutes.. and she normally moves more wen I lay down and when she hears the gas sounds coming from my stomach I haven’t felt any of tht but it hasn’t been 2 hours and I know they say wait 2 hours but I’m being paranoid I’m eating a bowl of cereal now

I don’t go into work until 1230 but contemplating whether to call the dr later or not

I’m just scared and don’t wanna lose my baby 😭😩 because I’m sooo used to her moving around a wholleeee lot even wen she feels like she’s squished