Afraid to take government assistance.

I'm currently 16 and pregnant in the third trimester and lost my job working with my dad on cars and trucks after I told him I was pregnant. He also kicked me out, I didn't bother trying to fight it since it was a very abusive place to be in the first place. I want to keep my baby, I'm still with the father of the baby and he does have a job as shift leader at Pizza Hut, best job he can find right now as he's always applying but can't find another. He's also working for another place that calls whenever they need an extra hand so it's sort of a small source of income also. I'm on Medicaid to afford my medical bills, we were originally paying for all of them and spent around 1000$ before I finally got approved which was the money we had saved for the baby in the first place, Medicaid didn't reimburse us. I feel ashamed and selfish for wanting to keep my baby in my financial situation but I know that especially now, I would take it very hard to give him up. I want to be a mother to him and have the responsibility, but right now I'm having no luck at all financially. My mother is currently paying part of the apartment I live in, and my aunt and uncle are living with me paying one of the bills and a small part of the rent. I'm determined to stay in school and gave up my original plan to do all college level classes. I'm a junior now taking the regular level classes in order to have more time preparing for the baby. My aunt told me about a diaper bank that gives financially needy parents 100 diapers a month, and she also encouraged me to seek out financial assistance, but honestly I feel like I'm obligated to do this on my own. I feel terrible about the idea of taking help or asking for it. I'm determined to make this work and keep my son, but I feel it's not right for me to accept help. I also only get 6 weeks off of school and then have to go back. So now all I can think is how in the hell will I afford daycare? My boyfriend is also expected to move out of his dad's house by December, which is when the baby is due, and my mom won't allow him to live with me (understandable as she's paying the bills), but that makes our situation that much worse as he will have to find a place to stay and pay the bills also. He is also paying for his car insurance, food, my food, and his car payments. Less than 7 weeks to go and I'm in such a nerve wrecking mess!