Confession time

So I need to get something off my chest. I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant and my fiancé and I are more than ecstatic for my baby to arrive! 
However we weren't always this way. A month before we found out I was pregnant, we had been fighting a lot. Almost to the breaking point where neither of us could handle it anymore. However we went to celebrate a friends birthday one night and both got drunk and decided to have sex. For the most part we used spermicide strips, unless I was ovulating, then we used condoms. Well I had been watching my cycle and knew I was ovulating, and when he asked what to use I said the strips. I didn't place it inside me, but made the motion of it like I had. I guess in my drunken stupor, I thought I needed someone to love me if he couldn't anymore. When time came for my period I worried a little but didn't think I would actually be pregnant. However to his surprise (and a little of mine) I was. 
Flash forward 8 months later and here we are, about to have a baby. Our relationship has proven immensely and we are better than ever before and both excited for our little bub. I've never been more in love with this man than I have when watching him glow when he talks about becoming a father. However part of me feels I should tell him that it was t so much an accident and that I lied that night in the actual hopes to get pregnant.  What do I do? I don't want him to hate me but I feel he should know the truth.