Am I wrong for getting upset?

Last night my husband wanted to be intimate and wanted me to start giving him a BJ and I was all for it. I started and he wanted to go further but I was home all day dealing with my two kids and didn’t get to shower, so I told him hold on let me shower and freshen up. Once I got out the shower I came to the room and he was on his phone, I didn’t say anything at first I figured ok once I get in the bed with him he’s going to put the phone down. After I was done lotion-ing up I got into the bed with him and for about ten more minutes he was on his phone. I was just there waiting for him. So, I’m like can you get off the phone I’m here waiting for you. He’s on his phone all day long and I just wanted that time for us. The kids were finally asleep and it was just us and he chose to just keep reading like I wasn’t even there. He got upset that I got upset he didn’t acknowledge me and I still tried to initiate some sexy time with him and he says “you still want to do something after that scene you caused?” So I got even more upset bc he doesn’t see any wrong in what he did. My question is was I wrong should I have just ignored it and waited for him to get off the phone? Thank you!

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