I finally escaped my own personal hell


For years I spent my time loving the wrong man, in a way he never once loved me. I’d leave and come back because I thought it was possible for him to change, 3 years and a 8 month old little girl later I’d finally had enough. From constantly being accused of cheating with no grounds to stand on. Being told how stupid I was for talking to my family, having cameras mounted at every door and in our living room, not working because he thought I’d run off with another man, being told I’m a whore for no good reason other than he was drunk and mad.... I’d finally had enough!

November 26th 2019 I took my life back!

After watching this man feel up on other women while drunk and make me feel guilty for being mad at him i came to realize there was more to the relationship that I was missing. Someone who truly loves you doesn’t make you feel this way. Someone who loves you doesn’t make you feel guilty when they’re the ones completely in the wrong. I still daily have to deal with his narcissistic ways in one way, shape, or form, because he refuses to leave me alone completely but I will say this much, he isn’t winning this time!!

I have an amazing job I start this Monday, I have a happy and healthy 8 month old little girl, we have a roof over our heads, and a home full of nothing but love and support from all angles.

I am proud of the women and mother I am becoming outside of my own personal hell he had created. I’m happy to watch my child grow and thrive without the tension of not knowing what would set her father off. Most of all I’m happy that I get to genuinely be HAPPY again.