Sex with Ex ...Babydad. ?


Would you hook up with your babydad? We broke up 1 month ago and we are getting a long very well. I went to see my daughter after work at his place because i missed her since it was his days with her and he said she needed a nap and put her to sleep. I was going to head out and he asked if i could stay a little longer then proceeded to try n hook up with me... 😲😲😲😧 i was like ummm nooooooooo i cant do this id be so pissed at myself afterwards because it would be like restarting feelings!!! He told me he hadnt been w anyone else and im the only person he wants to hook up w but made no comments about being a “couple” again. So i was like nooooo but then at home i thought hmmmm is it possible to just be fwb with you bd????