Just laying here

Sorry for the rant but Me and my bf stay in different cities but since he lost one of his jobs hes been in my city more often like atleast 4 or 5 days out the week I thought we would be spending more time but lately for the past three weekss he comes watch tv nd falls asleep he use to stay up talk watch movies he use to couldnt keep his hands off of me but now he went from asking to sex everyday to not once im not use to it so even though im not in the mood myself i play with him to see if hell wake up nd get hard like he use to.. He got hard but stayed sleep i rode him  he woke up nutted and went back to sleep i tried this twice until I notice hes not going to make love back, hell just nut nd go back to sleep. I get nothing when hes awake nothing wen its sleep time nd i told him how i felt but nothing idk what's wrong