TSH, Peroxidase and Hypothyroidism



Newly diagnosed is Hypothyroidism, I went for my 30 day on medication blood work. She tested me for T4 levels, Peroxidase AB levels and my TSH.

These were My levels 30 days on Levo. Seen in pictures.

Previously, my levels were 20.86 (TSH) and has gone up to 26.03.

My T4 was right at (barely) acceptable at 0.90 and currently sitting at a 0.96.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as treatments, diet or general advice. My doctor hasn’t called me yet, as it is the weekend, but an expecting a call Monday. I have read up on Hoshimoto’s disease and am curious to see if this is the reason, as AB levels are sky high.

Not currently trying to conceive, as my body needs some TLC before anything happens. My dream is to be a Mom and I’m crushed to think that this could hinder my chances. I’m hopeful and thankful I had a doctor to listen to me, and help me with this DX. But as my future, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about TTC.

Thanks in advance!