Dark Lines, Full Bladder...4w4d Preggo!


First off, here's a song I made up. It goes to the tune of Party All the Time by the great Eddie Murphy...

My girl started peeing all the time

Peeing all the time

Peeing all the time

....but for real, I can't stop peeing. 😂🚽👶

Anywho, so I took two tests on 12dpo (Tuesday 10/20) and 17dpo (Today). Pictures are attached for your viewing pleasure in case you haven't seen a billion of these already!

But I have a question, did anyone else see such dark lines at 12dpo? I used a generic brand from Walgreens, in case that makes a difference. I'm just trying to calm down my brain, it thinks I'm having twins 👶👶😱 or have been preggo longer. It's quite a crazy brain, so please show me your 12dpo tests or tell me a tale!

My lines showed up the second the thing filled up, before the test line! I swear it might have even changed while I was hovering over it trying to figure out how not to pee all over my hand (I failed that part)

Congrats in advance to those with buns in yo' oven!

First pee stick pic: 12 dpo (Tues)

Second pee stick: 17 dpo (Today)