I need to vent :l


So my husband and I are watching my best friends daughter tonight and

I have a feeling that if trever and I have a baby I'll be the one getting up with it every time.... I asked trever to watch Aurora since she just got up and I changed her he just needed to watch her so I could make her a bottle and then sleep. He said he was getting up then would fall back asleep. He told me to lay down I told him no because I'd fall asleep so would he and no one would be up with Aurora and so I went to the kitchen with Aurora and made her a bottle, and he's in bed back to sleep. I haven't fucking slept!! Grrrrrr I'm frustrated... he's been on call this week so I would stay up till he had to get up for work which is 7am then I'd go to sleep. Well on Saturday I got 4 hours of sleep before he told me I needed to get up, which was at 4pm. I've been up since 4pm and I am tired and my husband doesn't want to get out of bed! I'm so tired! I feel like I'm the only responsible one in the house because I stay up to make sure he doesn't get fired because he doesn't wake up to alarms. I guess I'm kinda reconsidering ttc now... :/ sorry I needed to vent