Am I the only one that gets annoyed?

Sydni • USCG Wife | 20 | baby Ward due 3/26/16
Okay, so I'm 20 years old and five months pregnant. Meaning, my prior knowledge with pregnancies is very minimal. Like of course I know some things based off of whatever I watch on TLC. Anyway, I am getting SO tired of people constantly telling me what is good and what is bad for me throughout my pregnancy. Ex: don't wear leggings, they'll put pressure on your uterus, don't eat cinnamon it'll make you miscarriage, it goes on and on. Now some people who have EXPERINCE being pregnant, I'm all gung-ho for their advice. But not 18, 19, or 20 year olds who are still in college and are not nor have ever been pregnant!! And they aren't medical majors so their "advice" is probably off the internet. It's SO annoying. The information that they give me I just want to tell them to sit on it and twist because I don't give a crap. Now, it might just be my hormones that make me this angry towards the situation but still. Like I wouldn't tell anyone else to do/not do something in their pregnancy because it's what I believe or read on the Internet. (Since I fall in the category of being 20 and newly pregnant). Am I the only one that feels this way, or what?