Clarification ???

Hello ladies ☺️ 
So I just have a question. I'm sure you guys wouldn't know the exact answer & please no rude comments😔 but let me tell you my story or whatever you want to call it & ask my question. 
Okay so, me & my fiancé has had unprotected sex since Saturday(10-17-15) till yesterday(10-24-15) except Tuesday. Wednesday(10-21-15) was my ovulation day. We are TTC a baby. We've been trying for 2 months now. But now 4 days after ovulation day I've been having early pregnancy symptoms( if that is possible) they are being tired more than usual, tingly nipples, tender breasts, bloating, sometimes headaches( they only last for like 5-10 minutes), mood swings, & I think that's it. My period isn't supposed to start till November 4th. 
Could I be pregnant? Is it to early to tell? & if so when should I test?? Please give me your best thoughts & no rude comments(: I would really appreciate it. As me & my fiancé are trying & we're hoping to conceive!