Husband doesn't understand pregnancy

So my husband says me being sick all the time is "frustrating". And talked about it like it was inconvenient for him that I'm continually not feeling well or always tired. He makes me feel like I'm an inconvenience and says I tell him all the time I'm not feeling well. I feel like he just doesn't try to understand what it's like for me. And I may say I don't feel well a lot (mostly when we talk about what to eat), but this is my first pregnancy and I'm still getting used to how all this works too! I understand it sucks for him too, but I would love it if he just once said "I know you don't feel well. Would you like a glass of water or a foot massage?" He complains he doesn't know how to make me feel better but all I really need is support. A side note, my husband is usually amazing and loving and he's perfect for me, so please no bashing. Anyone else have a husband or SO struggling with understanding or being empathetic? How do you help them understand?