Feeling unloved

33 weeks pregnant with my first baby boy. Married 1.5yrs. My husband and I have our ups and downs like any other couple (I think). He's a good person overall especially to his friends and family. I'm just so lonely. Like I feel like he doesn't appreciate the fact that I'm bearing his child. I thgt he would just come some days and say "thanks babe." Hes rubbed my feet twice....both times I had to beg and both times he wasn't enthused about it. Why wouldn't he WANT to pamper me?? Not everyday but maybe once in a blue. As you know the body is going through sooooooo much. More than any man will ever understand. Is it my fault? Bc I try not to act "weak" or "fragile?" Is that causing him to think I don't need that sort of attention? I always pictured my pregnancy to be...enjoyable in a sense that my husband would be just as excited as me! And show me that. Come up behind me while I'm doing the dishes and rub my belly....or rub my back when we're in bed. Nothing. I know I'm hormonal extra sensitive and more emotional but am I crazy for ....expecting these little things?  Again...not everyday but once in a while just to say babe thanks for carrying our son. When I was 20 weeks I asked to have a prenatal massage. I'm still waiting. It just breaks my heart. He's not a bad person but....why wouldn't he WANT to do these things?? Please give me any input. I'm feeling so fed up i have 7 weeks left and I'm praying to just for once feel appreciated for having my body completely invaded, still working, taking care of the house, etc. I love orchids. He knows that...why can't I just come home to plant? Just once. Home Depot has them for $18 for crying out loud 😩😩😩