Team green motivation please!

My husband and I are expecting out first and decided we will be team green. I thought it would be great at first, but now I'm having trouble with it. I think party of it is seeing every one else finding out gender of their babies, but mostly is because I've had a pretty good feeling that is a girl and then the other night I had a dream that I gave birth to a boy and was so in shock that I couldn't even enjoy the moment. I know either way I will just be thrilled to be a mom and see my little one for the first time, but now I just want to find out so I know if my gut feeling is right or not. Just need some motivation to stay term green I guess or if you think it would be a good idea to find out so I can stop stressing about this. It just seems so silly to me that I'm actually stressing about this, because I know it won't matter to me either way, I just don't really want to go the whole time thinking it's a girl just to find out it's a boy. Sorry for rambling lol. Oh and my husband said at first he didn't care either way and it was more my decision to be team green, and now that I brought up finding out the gender he just seemed more irritated that I changed my mind than anything.