Allergic to latex condoms??

So it’s my first time using condoms with a new partner after the first night I noticed that I broke out in hives on my legs mainly and the second night I just couldn’t stay aroused. He thinks it was due to the condom so he switched to another brand which is the skin brand. So we had a sex again and he said that he thinks I can’t stay aroused due to the condoms and I also broke out into hives again on my legs and feet. Am I getting bit by something? If so why is it only on my legs and not other parts. In between positions he does adjust the condom and touches my legs sometimes could that be it? The hives hurt and they sometimes turn like a bruised purple color I know what bed bugs bits look like. Usually they are smaller than the hives I’ve been getting they swell up pretty big.

Really need feedback! Thank you!