Alright so I'm 20 weeks, 4 days pregnant with my second child, but my boyfriend's first child. It's a boy. My boyfriend and I have decided to name him Samuel, after a man I was very very close to and seen as a dad when I was a kid. I called him Sammy. Sammy passed away in September of 2013. I'm naming my son after him to honor him. My boyfriend is 100% happy with this name. On my boyfriend's birthday, December 19th, he went to visit his mom because I was out of state visiting my grandmother that was dying and did tragically pass on December 23rd. On the 19th my boyfriend told his mom, because she asked, what we were naming our son. She had zero issues with it at the time. Two days ago she messages my boyfriend and I asking why we won't name him Jr. Backstory on my boyfriend's name: He's named after his grandad that he never met and has learned was a cheater, liar, and all around bad person. Anyway, I ignore her message because I'm not picking up that big bag of crazy that I knew was about to explode. He explains why we want Samuel to be his name, and try to leave it at that. She comes back with some BS about heritage and how his father will be upset that he's not continuing on the name (keep in mind that my son's middle and last name are both family names on his side). So. We message his dad. Turns out, my father-in-law is over the moon happy about our sons name, he's super pleased that he's got the family middle name and Rougeux last name. He tells us to stick to our guns. So he tells his mom that Samuel will be his name and that she needs to stop trying to change it. She's now going off on a tangent that I'm nothing but a lazy, inconsiderate, mooching bitch, that he should have left me a long time ago, that she thinks I used this pregnancy to trap my boyfriend, (my boyfriend knew I wasn't on birth control and we sat down and talked about how we both wanted to add to our family, and decided to actively try for our son). My boyfriend is on her insurance and she's now decided to take him off her insurance. I guess what I'm getting at here is... Has anyone dealt with similar?! I'm at my whits end with this woman! I'm so sick of her talking down on me! I'm sick of her trying to control this pregnancy! When she found out she threatened to shove plan b pills down my throat to kill my unborn son (I was only 8 weeks along), but now she thinks she's got the right to control what we do with or name our son! Help?!