Need help understanding my first birth.


Forgive me ahead of time if I sound stupid. Pregnancy and my menstrual cycle is something I still today feel estranged and not throughly educated on. Why?! Cause since I was able to bleed at a young age NOTHING has been text book for me.

I was 42weeks going on 43 and getting nervous. I had contractions here and there- nothing was knocking me out of bed though in pain. I wanted to do a natural birth as possible within a hospital. The Dr. I had was terrible for a attitude- he wanted me to be induced and highly recommended a C section at I think 38-39 weeks. We showed up at the birthing unit with a few "false alarms" cause I was getting nervous since the Dr. told me that the placenta will go bad after 42weeks and pits the baby and myself at risk. The 2nd visit they gave me a membrane sweep and sent me out the door. The 3rd visit my mucus plug was out for about 3days prior to my arrival and contractions were not as strong. They slapped a band on me and tossed a gown in my lap. I was having that baby today weather I was ready or not the nurse told me. I was put on Pitocin after I wanna say 5hrs. Of sitting there waiting for something to happen. The contractions then came and my labor was 22hrs in total. They had to use "the plunger" to get him out too. He did not wanna come out! Does this sound like a complicated pregnancy or birth? I am not sure how to call it when asked. Is 22hrs labour Normal?! I see women that say they took 5hrs. And I cannot believe it. I did breast feeding my child though for a solid year and had issues since birth. I was reading that the pitocin can mess things up when trying to bind with your child years later. I have SO many questions.