Baby’s head measuring small, doctor suspects Zika?!?


Hi Ladies,

I went for my 33 weeks growth scan yesterday... and the technician was struggling to get a good picture of the baby’s head - she was pressing on my abdomen so hard trying to snap a photo..

After the scan, I went up to see my OBGYN (Dr. Phoon) and when she looked at the scans... she said ‘everything looked normal.. except oh yah - the head is quite small. On the 3rd percentile. I’m not ruling out Zika... u reckon you’ve been bitten by an infected mosquito?’ I freaked out......

A bit of background:

- I live in Singapore... which had about 3 cases of Zika in 2019; but none of the women that had Zika passed on microcephaly to their babies. Ie. There are no cases in Singapore with babies with small heads.

- I had just moved to this OBGYN (Dr. Phoon) from another Gynae (due to the fact that I wanted to deliver in this particular hospital)

- last appointment I had with her, she told me my baby was measuring 1 week ahead of schedule and told me to watch my diet and slow down the growth of the baby. That got me worried a tiny bit.. bit still ok to handle...

- yesterday’s appointment, While getting the growth scan, the technician realised Dr. Phoon wrote down my EDD as Feb 28th.. (when in fact, when I transferred,

All the previous scans said my EDD as Feb 21st) - this obviously explains the fact that ‘baby was growing 1 week ahead of schedule’ as she had a wrong EDD date.

Not to mention.. all my previous scans (growth or genetics all came back normal and on on track); my most recent scan was on Dec 24th at another hospital and baby’s HC was at the 50th percentile...

- but now, after yesterday’s scan (Jan 3rd) ... baby’s HC fell to 3Rd percentile.

Dr Phoon is making me really really nervous with this Zika remark... (however she didn’t recommend that I test for Zika... Nor get another growth scan... I had to ask her for them)

Q1: has anyone had a similar scan and what were your outcomes? I’m getting a second opinion for sure...

Q2: is this my cue to find another OBGYN? Or give her the benefit of the doubt? I think my biggest concern is that she can be quite careless and announces negative news without doing enough diagnosis... :(