Tummy time


So my son has been having some trouble doing tummy time and Almost always burries his face down when I put him on his belly. When I use the boppy for tummy time he does fine and holds his head up well. I’m just not sure if I need to get him used to doing tummy time with the boppy or if he needs to learn to do it without.

My son will be 5 months on the 19th. He can sit supported, but his head is still a little wobbly when he’s looking around.

Other helpful information: he was born 3 weeks early, was preemie, and had trouble gaining weight. He was hospitalized for a week because of severe reflux that caused him to loose too much weight. He is almost 5 months and only weighs right at 11 lbs.

I don’t want to stress too much about him meeting important milestones, but I can’t help but worry that he is already getting a little behind and since this is my first baby, I don’t know what all to expect as far as when he should be doing what 😞