Pain in lower abdomen all day

Sydney • Mommy to one baby girl 🎀

Ever since getting up in the morning (maybe even starting last night in bed) I’ve had lower abdominal pain. Mostly in my right side.

I was thinking it was round ligament pain but I looked that up and it says that it only lasts for a few seconds. And this has lasted all day - when I’m moving or even when I’m not moving. It’s kinda just a constant dull pain. But it does hurt more when moving.

I know I do have a large fibroid on my right side and my OBGYN said it could cause pain during the pregnancy. So maybe it could be that? The baby is always on that side so maybe since it’s getting bigger it’s putting more pressure on it?

I’m 16 weeks tomorrow.

Anyone know what it could be? I definitely will mention it at my next appointment this coming week.