Was I Wrong?

So I have never been clingy with my boyfriend. I’m trusting, especially of people around me. For example, when my boyfriend had to do a school project with another girl, I didn’t mind. He would message me pictures of her doing research across the room. He would even have his mom vouch for him by texting me that they were doing fine. Again, I didn’t mind because I can’t hold him back because I’m jealous.

In our group of friends, I’m often left out because I don’t have permission to hang out past 7:30 unless its at my house on a weekend. And teenagers are not going to be calm enough to be at my house. This group of friends, my boyfriend and I are the only couple and again, I usually let him hang out with whoever.

It’s just now, he’s been more distant and closer with one of the other girls in the group. We always found a way to hang out at least once a week wether it was my hanging around the restaurant his family owns or him skipping a shift to hang out with me. I just feel like he’s living his life and I’m trapped in this box.

Did I give him too much freedom? That’s what my mom says and she also says that I refuse to believe it. And thinking about it, I feel like he sent me those snapchats because he wanted to prove that he wasn’t doing anything but it could have been like a sign of guilt. What’s your opinion?