Come for a laugh!!


So I’m 36 weeks pregnant and this morning me and my husband were cuddling and he was pushed up behind me. Well I was asleep but not asleep you know? All of a sudden I feel a gush of warm liquid go down me. My husbands gunk was in between my legs. Under my butt. I woke him up scared as hell. I told him either he just peed on me or my water just broke. He jumped up and he said “I’m so sorry.” I’m sitting here thinking my water just broke and this heifer peed on me!!! He was dreaming about using the bathroom so he says. Now I’m disappointed that my water didn’t break. I’m so ready for her to be here. Anyways this is the only place I can tell the actual story cause I’m telling everyone else that I peed myself. But I had to tell it some where cause I died laughing and had to share the true story.