Measuring big help!


UPDATE: we had our ultrasound and he measured in at 30weeks2days and 3.5pounds. 76th percentile but still within ranges for where they want him. He had normal fluid levels (14cm) they want it between 5-20cm. He’s perfectly healthy, 12 days ahead, and head down. The tech said the doc will review it but usually won’t change the due date unless it’s 14days or more. So we will keep an eye on him and do another scan at 36 weeks to see what we’re working with!

Okay friends, we had our 28week appointment yesterday. Fundal height measured in at 35cm (should have been 28+/- 2). Did my glucose test and passed with a 104. We have the first available ultrasound Monday morning. Anyone had this with a measurement 7cm ahead!? Yes, i know it’s not an exact science. But 7cm seems pretty significant! My doc said we will see if I’m just carrying baby all out front, if i have excess fluid around baby, or if i just have a big ole dude. My husband was a big baby, so we aren’t too surprised. Baby was measuring on average a week ahead (anywhere from on time to 2w3d ahead) at 20 weeks. In your experience did your doc change your due date?