Is he seeing someone else and lying?

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Ok so my bf always claims he working so much, he's sick all the time and can't come spend time with meπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„during the start of our relationship he got mad that I posted a pic of us. Lately I've been having a horrible anxious feeling. He always turns any conversation around to blame me. Very controlling and narcissistic. Well last night I case searched him and he has an assault charge with a female during a date he told me he'd be gone from Wed-Sun to visit his grandparents. Then one night 2 hours before our date his mom was sick and he canceled then hit me at 1am asking to come by. I'm feeling like the side chick. We have a date this week I'm not mentioning the case I found out about until we are face to face...ladies do you feel he's cheating on me?