Nobody will tell you this, but the hardest part about being a mother of young adults is being supportive.

About two days ago there was a post from a young woman who was a stripper. I went through the comments and it was a lot of.. Judgement. I thought back to just a couple of months ago when my 17 year old daughter told me she was paying for pole classes. I said hell no. No girl of mines is gonna be a SLUT (Please don't come for me, I am learning.) And I grounded her and made sure she didn't go back to those classes. I should've reimbursed her, it was her money being spent and not mines. Days passed and she stopped talking to me, didn't even make eye contact. I sat her down and asked her why this? She told me she was on YouTube and saw different videos of strippers talking about how much they make, traveling to different countries, luxurious houses, etc. I told her "But you know those women also probably have old bags on the side helping them get there right?" And she said some yes, some no. I told her she would get judged but she posted on Twitter/Snapchat asking "What if i became a stripper?" and she showed me the replies where almost everyone was like you do you or "Secure the bag" Whatever the fuck that means. I realized there is a generational rift here. Back in my day, the common phrase was keep your daughter off the pole. Today people are more comfortable with expressing themselves, being confident in their bodies, and this sex positive movement thing. The next day I calmed down and took my daughter off punishment. She was turning 18 in a month anyways so there was nothing I could do regardless. I asked her are you doing this for men to look at you? She told me "Im doing it because I'm confident enough to do so" I let her go on to her pole classes. At first I cried to myself a couple of nights, but then I had to make myself realize that times are different now. A job is a job as long as it's legal. I have raised my daughter with love and guidance all of these years but what she does as an adult woman is not up to me. A few days after that I actually decided to surprise her and join in with her. I used to be in gymnastics as a little girl. I may be 45 now but I absolutely still got it. I spend just about every day of my life trying to crush that stereotype that your body goes bad after 35. 👊

As a parent, one of the best things you can do for your child is be supportive. I came close to losing my daughter, but I realized that our relationship is more important than any different opinions on morality and immorality. ❤