Late on pill - HELP

Hey everyone, so I generally don’t track my period because I’m on the pill (the one with less hormones). I’m pretty consistent on taking it, same time every morning. On Saturday 11 January we decided to take our boat out early morning and once we left I realised I never grabbed my pill as my alarm hadn’t gone off yet. I was about 3-4 hours late taking it. We stayed clear for a few days after, just to be safe. BUT we did have sex 2 days before I was late on that pill (where I’ve placed the ❤️ in the pic).. and obviously unprotected. I’ve already got 2 kids and am starting to have similar symptoms as pervious. Dull cramps, flu like symptoms and crazy bloating. I’ve taken 2 clear blue tests which both came up with a faint positive within the time frame, but I’ve also taken a first response after those ones and it came up negative. These are all the tests I’ve taken.

Thoughts? Would it even be possible in that time frame? And are the clear blue even trusted? the first response was taken today, the clear blues yesterday. Also I am on antibiotics from the flu symptoms I ended up with a sinus infection but I only started those on Sunday and we’ve used protection since being on them. Pink seems to show neg and blue pos 🙃

Edit to add- I’ve just gone to the bathroom and have had light pink spotting... still 8 days away from the period pill