Had my 1st OB appt today!


I had my first appt today. Not sure how I feel about my OB yet, but gonna give him a little longer before deciding to switch. According to my LMP, I am 9 weeks today, but the doctor said that I'm measuring at 10 weeks. He didn't tell me the baby's heartbeat. He barely spent any time with me and I'm being sent back on Monday for a dating ultrasound so they can do measurements and give me an official due date.

The only thing that came from this appt was that I had my bloodwork done and was able to see the heartbeat. Plus I got my first abdominal ultrasound done. Doctor said that there is less than a 5% chance of miscarriage now that a heartbeat has been observed 😍 I'm so excited for this baby (I have a strong feeling that it's a girl), even though this first trimester has been miserable.