Wondering if anyone else has dealt with placenta abruption? I had some bleeding when I went to the bathroom on Wednesday, so I went to my regular doctor. The bleeding got way worse and they rushed me to one of the major city hospitals (not even my local one where I am supposed to deliver). They said it was an abruption, which means my placenta is lifting off the uterine wall. They had me sign papers for an emergency c section and an epidural, because it was looking like I would have to have this baby right then and there, at 31 weeks. Thankfully that did not happen. Baby is stable and so am I. I have now been here at the hospital since Wednesday night. The bleeding got heavier, then stopped, then started back up again today.

I am wondering if any of you ladies have dealt with abruption or know anyone who has? Am I going to bleed like this for the rest of my pregnancy?! How long can this go on for? I keep asking the doctors and they say it is case by case, and really just a waiting game. 😔😰 I just want to know what’s going to happen.